10 Quotes From The Movie ‘Sing’ To Encourage Anyone Who Is Depressed

I love music and needed something to watch on Netflix as I decompressed from the week and saw the movie ‘Sing’ and decided to watch it.  It wasn’t until I became teary eyed watching the movie I remembered how depressed I had actually been.  I loved listening to the 60+ songs featured in the movie, but I was inspired and encourage by the dialog of the characters and used it to help manage my depression.

The following are 10 Quotes From The Movie ‘Sing’ To Encourage Anyone Who Is Depressed.

Image via Illumination Entertainment
  1. “Wonder and magic don’t come easy.”  Buster
  2. “For every cloud a silver lining.”  Buster
  3. “Get some sleep and dream big dreams.”  Buster
  4. “You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom, there’s no place left to go but up.”  Buster
  5. “Okay, come on…you can do this.”  Rosita
  6. “Forget the steps and let the music take control of your body parts.”  Gunter

    Image via Illumination Entertainment
  7. “Do what you love then you’ll be great because you’ll be actually doing it.”  Buster
  8. “Don’t let fear stop you from doing the things you love.”  Buster & Meena
  9. “I’m so proud of you.”  Big Daddy
  10. “You will not be afraid anymore if you just start singing.  SING!”  Buster



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