020 – Kyle Brost, Founder and Principal Consultant at Choice Strategy Group, CEO of Spark Policy Institute, Author, Contributor for Forbes, Thrive Global, & Influencive, and Member of Forbes Coaches Council

Kyle BrostKyle Brost is a Founder and Principal Consultant at Choice Strategy Group and the CEO of Spark Policy Institute.  He is also the author of E+MOTION: Finding The Energy And Drive To Achieve Your Extraordinary.  He is also a regular contributor for Forbes, Thrive Global, Influencive, as well as being a member of the Forbes Coaches CouncilKyle is passionate about the art of strategy for life, leadership and business and believes value is maximized when people and businesses know how to think strategically. He enjoys time with his wife and three sons. Kyle believes that “when the family is structured intentionally and meaningfully, it provides the best avenue for developing individuals.”

When it comes to leadership and business, Kyle asks those in leadership to consider how people’s lives are different as a result of their work.  “Leaders must provide support and room to fail and room to learn from those mistakes, while providing guidance and direction.”

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