016 – Azriel Ratz, Facebook Ads Expert & CEO of Ratz Pack Media

Azriel Ratz, Facebook Ads ExpertAzriel Ratz is a Facebook ads expert and is the CEO of Ratz Pack Media, whose headquarters is located in Israel.  Through his years of experience in online marketing Azriel Ratz has perfected his strategy for companies to find their ideal audiences and create the most relevant ads for their businesses.  Azriel’s Facebook ad process is FEO (Find, Engage, Optimize). Begin by finding the right audience, then engaging that audience with the best possible ads, then optimizing the ads to get the best possible results.  Ratz Pack Media provides businesses with social media advertising, business consulting, website optimization and analytics, Google Adwords campaigns, email marketing, and more.

Learn more at RatzPackMedia.com

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