014 – Krystal Covington, TEDx presenter, National Speaker and Trainer, and Founder and CEO of Women of Denver

Krystal CovingtonKrystal is an expert in the art of influence, and personal branding. She has led the launch of multi-million dollar projects and worked directly with CEOs of small and large businesses.  Krystal is a TEDx presenter, national speaker and trainer, and founder and CEO of Women of Denver, an impact-driven social enterprise association.  

Krystal has been featured in numerous publications, blogs and podcasts, most notably Forbes and Entrepreneur on Fire.

As an introvert, Krystal initially struggled to find success in the career world. As a result, she set out to learn the key strategies that make the most powerful people so magnetic to others. She studied social and evolutionary psychology, human connection, persuasion, charisma and The Art of War. Through her research she was able to develop a simple strategy, proving over the years to provide consistent results, which she shares in her book “The 4 Keys to Influence.”

Learn more at krystalcovington.com

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