009 – Pei-Lan Ku, Founder & Principal Consultant of Orchid Consulting – Part 1

Pei-Lan KuPei-Lan describers her family of origin as “transnational,” meaning they are from different countries, specifically, Taiwan and the United States.  Pei-Lan’s mother is a Chinese language and history teacher and her father is an artist and retired art professor.  “My parents and my family set the foundation for me to stand up for what I think is good and created a path for me to go into the arts.”  Pei-Lan used the cultural and artistic background of her parents and created a consulting firm that showcases her passions of dance, art, art history, and image/fashion.  Pei-Lan does not identify herself as a leader, but her career thus far proves differently.  “If I can’t find something I want to do in life I have to create it myself.”

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